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We See Fireworks is an installation and a performance archive of audience voices. A curated programme of memories of past performances or performative moments whispered softly into the darkness.

Articulated by 250 recordings of strangers, these words are viral, searing into the consciousness until our deepest memories become yours.

You can immerse yourself in We See Fireworks at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2011:
Monday 22 - Saturday 27 August 10:30am - 4:45pm
The Lecture Room, Museum of Edinburgh, Huntly House, 142 Canongate, Royal Mile, Edinburgh EH8 DD
Entry is FREE (limited capacity)

‘You find yourself laughing and all of a sudden you don’t know why you have been laughing at all’

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Monday, 4 April 2011

'It's like a star imploding'

We were sat there really, really high up and I just have this memory of watching 40 odd performers on stage all moving in complete, perfect unison. There was 50 or 60 rows of people in front of me, but I can still smell their sweat and hear their breath.

I walked into a car that came from Liverpool I think, and I really didn’t know what to expect when I walked into that car. And there was this man in the car and he offered me a sweet and I had the sweet and he talked to me about, about the death of his brother…

I wonder how many memories I have of shows I haven’t actually seen.

I saw a strong person, a lovely person, break on stage and even if it was pretend, it was heart-wrenching.

Walking the stage and gazing. Staring at the audience, daring them to do something….

And the last light goes out and there’s such a vacuum-like loss at the end that seems to suck everything into it, it’s like a star imploding or something.

You find yourself laughing and all of a sudden you don’t know why you have been laughing at all.

….like someone was stroking your soul…

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